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  1. Foreclosure filings are down 23 percent from a year ago.

  2. Could the entire lending process be online in the near future?

  3. Each of the six components in the Home Purchase Sentiment Index increased in July indicating a more positive outlook in the housing market.

  4. Today's housing data news is sunny, with positive developments on three fronts.

  5. In several polls, the mortgage process has been rated more stressful than bankruptcy, divorce, childbirth and even bereavement.

  6. At six big U.S. banks, 24% of mortgages approved last year were jumbo, up from 21% a year earlier.

  7. Buyers must now offer principal reduction, "payment shock protection."

  8. Senate is to consider a bill that would establish new rules for lenders and servicers.

  9. New bill would require verification of compliant details.

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