The Title Resource Network is equipped with a variety of products and services to cover all aspects of closing and ensure accuracy and peace-of-mind for all parties throughout the entire process.

Title Insurance

Our experienced title examiners review all recorded documents and court related matters affecting the specific parcel of land and determine the condition of title. In a purchase transaction, an Owner's Title Insurance Policy will be issued for the amount of the purchase price. If a mortgage is obtained, typically a Lender's Title Insurance Policy will be issued to insure the Lender's interest in the real property.

Why you need title insurance


In some of our service areas, Abstracts are necessary for the transfer or financing of property. We have a network of experienced abstractors to produce a quality product to facilitate your transaction.

Iowa Title Guaranty

Our Network can facilitate and provide the Iowa Title Guaranty services for property located in Iowa. This includes both the Form 900 and Form 901.

Search Reports

These reports provide the current ownership, real estate tax information and liens and encumbrances for specific property. This report can be enhanced with the additional search for easements.

Closing and Settlement Services

Our professional closing staff is ready to prepare the calculations and documents necessary to conduct a closing. This includes collaboration with the lender, brokers, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and attorneys who may be involved in the transaction. We generate the settlement statements, 1099 reporting, facilitate deed preparation and other necessary affidavits. More importantly, we see to the proper disbursement of the closing funds and delivery of the documents necessary to issue the title insurance policy. Learn more about the home closing process.

Construction Disbursement Services

Our experienced staff can handle the initial construction loan closing, the end/permanent loan closing, construction draws and title updates for draws and disbursements. We handle both residential and commercial projects.

Document Retrieval

We can provide copies of documents for a specific property, whether it is the current vesting deed or Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Special Projects

Need research completed for a specific property, but it does not fit our traditional product list? Contact the office nearest you and ask how we might assist you.